Multiple AGEIA PhysX Cards?

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that AGEIA's latest drivers have been found to reference system configurations which utilize multiple PhysX discrete physics cards. A key aspect of the driver called the Hardware Scene Manager (HSM) now uses compartments allowing for the presence of multiple PhysX cards. On the surface, it sounds as though Physics is following Graphics as we "could" have a scenario much like SLI and Crossfire where multiple cards can be used to increase performance. However, looking at the lack of any physics-rich titles at this time it is hard enough to justify the use of a single PhysX card let alone multiple cards. Hopefully, developers will begin to heavily utilize the vast amount of tools and information companies like AGEIA and Havok have provided.

The company has some really cool demos that it showed in New York. These includes 'deformable' objects. This new feature can calculate how much a first barrel deforms a second one on impact. Things start to look much better and more realistical than ever before, apparently.


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