Multi-GPU World Tour 2006: Part 5

Neoseeker hosts part five of the Multi-GPU World Tour. They are looking at how multi-GPU platforms perform using a sample of the most popular games being played according to XFire and Gamespy.

"Although this article series leans towards a heavy slant of comparing ATI performance versus NVIDIA, our particular portion of the series gives us an opportunity also to remark on the overall value and relevance of Mult-GPU. We're looking at the most popular games being played, and many of these games simply don't stress the GPU enough for a very expensive setup to be of much gain. While other articles will and have covered games that put more pressure on the GPU, the only title we tested that really stresses the GPU is Oblivion. While its well accepted now that most gamers buy new hardware to play newer games at higher detail, these results show that alot of the games that people are still playing don't require a new top end SLI or Crossfire setup."


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