Mudslinging In the Next Gen Format Wars

Politicians have often been asked what they intend to do when a race is too close to call, and voters are starting to wonder if casting their votes for a 3rd party might not be a good idea.  The answer, based on their actions (not responses) is simple: Start the mudslinging campaigns!

It seems that Blu-ray and HD DVD might just be in such a position, and while we're not saying that this is the first handful of mud to be thrown, it sure is an ugly one:

More specifically, according to, Simonis is upset at the significantly higher "attach rate" that the European HD DVD Group recently touted, which (Frank) Simonis (Blu-Ray Disc Associaton's European Chairperson) now says was a "gross misrepresentation of data." Simonis goes on to claim that the HD DVD Group "manipulated" the data, adding that, "you can see this because they did not even supply access to the original source of their numbers." As if that wasn't enough, he then further slams the HD DVD folks by saying, "Honest to God, the Blu-ray Disc Association would never do this. We've seen so much rubbish come from the HD DVD Group it's unbelievable."

What we can't believe: Why or how anyone could honestly care this much about formats that can't seem to pick up enough steam on their own.  We're really excited about digital content delivery, especially because it gives us all the reason we need to rush out and buy the latest and greatest in storage technology.
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