MSN Music Not Compatible With Zune Music Player

You would think that Microsoft's online music download service would be fully compatible with their upcoming Zune music player, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. The Plays For Sure initiative was developed to ensure compatibility between various music downloading services, and music playing devices, and MSN Music is fully compatible with Plays For Sure. The problem is that Microsoft Zune is not compatible with the current Plays For Sure format. Microsoft has also announced they will be ending their MSN Music service on Novemeber 14th, the day Zune will be released.

"The spokesperson continued: "We will not be performing compatibility testing for non-Zune devices, and we will not make changes to our software to ensure compatibility with non-Zune devices." The changes to MSN Music do not mean that users will no longer be able to listen to the music they have bought via the store. Users will be able to burn files to a CD for their own use or put them on "compatible players"."