MSI's OC Genie Makes OC'ing Super Easy

Poor langauge translation tools notwithstanding, MSI has a crazy one on deck today. The same company that decided it wise to implant an Instant-On OS module onto a motherboard (Winki) has now determined that what the world needs most is yet another way to overclock your machine. And comically enough, we think we agree.

Let's face it -- educated overclocking is exhilarating, and oftentimes the performance increases push your enjoyment factor from "so-so" to "ooh yeah!" The device, which is aptly named the OC Genie, it a sort of Houdini for overclocking, if you will. We're not so sure we'd call it the "most advanced overclocking technology in the world," but it certainly is a fresh take on an old trick.

Recently, the OC Genie was installed on an MSI P55 motherboard in the OA European Final in Germany, which places a special OC'ing processor onboard and gives users a "one-button" approach to kicking their system up a notch. There is no hardware modification necessary and no BIOS tweaking required; so long as OC Genie is in there, it can automatically detect the best overclocking setting, implement it and keep your machine from melting. As MSI puts it, you can have your rig safely overclocked in "one second."

MSI isn't spilling too many release details just yet, but it has assured us that it will eventually beavailable on other mainboards, AMD-supportive ones included.