MSI’s Eclipse Plus Achieves Overclocking Record

If you’re serious about overclocking, listen up. The Taiwan gaming reviewer Coolaler recently achieved new overclocking world records using the MSI Eclipse Plus motherboard with both the Core i7 975 Extreme and Core i7 940 CPUs.

MSI’s Eclipse Plus maintains the Eclipse series’ specs and overclocking abilities and adds four PCI-Ex16 slots. As MSI describes it, “No matter whether you are seeking to upgrade the processor, memory or graphics card(s), this board allows you to satisfy your desire for powerful performance.”  During the overclocking event, Coolaler used the MSI Eclipse Plus board to beat the overclocking world records for both the Intel Core i7 975 and the Core 940 processors.  Check out the results in the charts below.

The processors originally ran at 2.93 GHz (Core i7 940) and 3.3 GHz (Core i7 975 Extreme). The final overclock?  Both processors reached over 5.6 GHz.