MSI Unveils Titan 700 Ultra Small Form Factor PC

MSI has just announced a brand new ultra small form factor PC, dubbed the Titan 700.  The tiny machine features a 2.0GHz VIA C7 processor, a mini-ITX motherboard, and a compact case with a volume of only 3.1L. The motherboard's CN700 norhtbridge sports a VIA Graphics (S3) UniChrome Pro IGP, and other features include a slim optical drive, and AC'97 audio.  The unit's 60W PSU hints at the Titan 700's miniscule power requirements.
The full press release with pics and complete specifications are available below...

The perfect combination of Size and Performance

Energy Saving compact 3.1L Mini-ITX Full System

Taipei, Taiwan – MSI, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of motherboards, launches its new Titan 700 full system product. The Titan 700 is based on the Mini-ITX form factor and comes with VIA® CN700 + 8237R+ chipset, which provides users with high performance and stability aside from its sleek and stylish design, the Titan 700 system delivers high-capacity performance and essential features. It comes with a slim DVD burner, as well as 2.5-inch SATA hard drive that can effectively reduce the volume and improve the heat dissipation of the chassis. Compared against other similar products, the Titan 700 series is only 3.1 litre in size; it’s so small you can put it anywhere on your desk or even in a small corner of your living room. Whether for home or office, the Titan 700 series is simply the best choice.


Small in size big in Value
The Titan 700 series system comes with a built-in Mini-ITX mainboard which can provide the same level of high Industrial PC (IPC) stability and reliability. The Titan 700 series is remarkably similar in technical design to modern notebook PCs. The slim DVD burner and 2.5 inch SATA hard drive can drastically reduce the volume of the chassis and upgrade the efficiency of heat dissipation. The mini-ITX mainboard is commonly used in industrial computers, POS cash registers, ticket booking centres ect. Due to its small size, rich features, performance, stability and low power consumption, the mini-ITX mainboard has been applied to individual desktop computers and is widely favored by the business users.

Small in Size, Complete in Functions
The mini-ITX form factor measures 170 x 170mm, which is smaller than the micro ATX form factor. Since ITX mainboard utilizes a smaller chassis, it uses an external notebook style power-supply. MSI’s Titan 700 is only 185 mm × 240mm × 70mm and is only 3.1litre in size which is easy to put anywhere, vertically or horizontally. The Titan 700 is also equipped with Gigabit LAN, I/O ports, USB 2.0, SATA, PS/2 and 5.1-channel audio and so on, providing users with rich and complete multimedia support.

Energy and Power Saving, Ultra Quiet. The Best Business Platform.
The MSI Titan 700 series has a 60W power supply module that is energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmental-friendly. In addition, its ultra-quiet design offers high performance features with an operating noise of less than 35dB(A) during full operation and 20dB(A) in standby mode. It’s perfect for giving you a quiet and comfortable working environment especially at night.