MSI Shows Off Radeon R9 290X Lightning, Touch-Enabled Gaming All-In-One, and New Notebooks at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show hasn’t officially started just yet, but that hasn’t prevented a number of companies from showing of their wares a bit early at venues other than the Las Vegas Convention Center. We’ve already had a number of private briefings that we’ll be able to talk about soon; in the meantime we’ve got some goodies from MSI’s suites at the MGM Grand Hotel to show you.

MSI had a number of components on display in one suite and a host of notebooks, peripherals, mobile workstations, and All-In-One systems in another.

MSI Radeon R9 290X Lightning

One of their hottest components was the upcoming Radeon R9 290X Lightning with tripe-slot/triple fan cooling. MSI didn’t give details on clocks or pricing, so we’ll have to stay tuned for those details. There is plenty to see in the pics, however. The card is fully custom, and sports a triples-slot cooler with triple fans. The center can be controlled independently from the two outer, larger fans. It requires a couple of 8-pin power feeds, in addition to a 6-pin feed as well. Outputs on the card are similar to other R9 290X cards.

Although we don’t have any hard numbers to share, considering how PowerTune 2.0 works on AMD’s Hawaii GPU, it’s safe to say this puppy is going to be able to maintain much higher clocks than reference products, which should increase performance considerable. We’ll be looking forward to checking this card out in the lab when it hits a little later in Q1.


MSI GeForce GTX 760 Gaming ITX

MSI also had a 6GB Radeon R9 280X card on display, along with some other previously announced cards, which included their small-form-factor GeForce GTX 760 Gaming ITX. The MSI GeForce GTX 760 Gaming ITX is also fully custom, and designed to match up perfectly with their gaming mini-ITX motherboards. The card is surprisingly heavy and sports a unique can, with both axial and barrel blades. The fan blows air download like an axial fan, but also outward like a barrel.



MSI's Custom Built Rigs and Gaming Mice @ CES 2014

MSI also had a couple of custom-build systems on display showing off all of their hardware. And connected to the machines were some new peripherals the company has in store. MSI let slip that a mechanical keyboard is in the works (which will seem obvious when you see the integrated Steelseries keyboards integrated into MSI’s gaming laptops), but they were ready to show off some new gaming mice today. The MSI DS100 and DS200 gaming mice should be available in a few weeks, along with a new mouse mat as well.


MSI's Mutli-Touch All-In-Ones, Wind Box, and GS Stealth 17" GS70 Gaming Notebook

Many of MSI’s existing gaming notebooks, all-in-one systems, small form factor rigs, and mobile workstations were on display too. We covered many of the systems in MSI’s original release in anticipation of the show, but thought you’d like to check out some pictures in any case.

Upcoming Thin-and-Light MSI GS Stealth 15.6" Gaming Notebook

Of course, MSI has some goodies behind closed doors that we managed to check out as well. The notebook above will be a member of MSI’s GS Stealth series of gaming notebooks, like the slick 17” GS70. This upcoming model, however, will sport a smaller 15.6” screen, but will otherwise be very similar. Expected pricing wasn’t discussed, but it is likely that the system will hit some time towards the middle of the year, with hardware configurations and pricing in-line with the GS70.