MSI Recalls MAG CoreLiquid 360R And 240R Liquid Coolers Due To A Blockage Issue

MSI MAG CoreLiquid 360R cooler in a case
MSI has issued a voluntary recall of its MAG CoreLiquid 360R and 240R all-in-one liquid cooling solutions following reports by some of its users of unusually high CPU temperatures. After looking into the matter, MSI determined that a "small portion" of those models are prone to producing sediment build-up that can cause a blockage.

Proper coolant flow is obviously critical to the intended operation of a liquid cooler. Cool liquid flows from the radiator to the CPU block where it can absorb heat from the processor, and then returns to the radiator so it can be cooled down and cycle back to the CPU again. Rinse and repeat.

A blockage throws a wrench into the machine, so to speak, and limits the effectiveness of the cooling solution. To what extent depends on how much of a blockage is getting in the way, but even a minor one can cause issues.

MSI MagLiquid 360R cooler
MSI MAG CoreLiquid 360R

"We will provide a comprehensive product replacement (MAG CoreLiquid 240R V2 / 360R V2) service to all affected products that have abnormal heat dissipation (Example: CPU temperature is higher than 60°C while idle and the cooler is properly seated with thermal paste applied between the CPU and cooler)," MSI says.

MSI also said it will continue working with its suppliers to inspect all incoming CoreLiquid 360R and 240R liquid coolers to ensure they are not affected. It's not clear what exactly would tip the company off, but it sounds like there is some kind manufacturing defect that it is able to detect before green-lighting shipments to retail partners.

If you own either of those models, head over to MSI's recall page and punch in your product's serial number to see if you're affected. It's obviously up to you how to proceed, but if you own an affected model, you may want to initiate an RMA even if you aren't seeing elevated temps.