MSI NX6800-TD128, Tranquil PC T2.e/MCE2005, and more!

Good evening folks. How is everyone doing tonight? I guess that's kind of a silly question to ask, considering a good number of our readers just had a few feet of snow dumped on them. To get your mind off the shoveling, and the plow work, I've come to bring you some of the latest tech news. An interesting thing that I haven't been paying attention to until recently, are CPU Coolers that can be adapted for different platforms. This is a great thing to get for anyone looking to enhance their upgrade options. Read on, and Enjoy!

Thermaltake POLO 735 Extreme 3 in 1 Cooler @ mkvtech

"The latest in active air cooling from Thermaltake is the POLO 735 Extreme 3 in 1 Cooler. This CPU Cooler fits K7, K8 and Pentium 4 platforms and comes with all the neccessary mounting hardware. Included with the POLO 735 is a temperature sensors and two reo-static bus controllers that allow you to dial in the right amount of fan power. Let's check it out..."

Tranquil PC T2.e/MCE2005 @

"A company with a reputation for fine integration and some neat touches to their systems, Tranquil PC have a growing name for themselves. So it was with an open mind, willing to accept that my sceptism for the concept and current implementations is wide of the mark, that I agreed to look at their T2.e/MCE2005."

MSI NX6800-TD128 Review @ Techconnect

"The video card is benchmarked with an entire list of games and Synthetic benchmark tools. The list... *Games: Unreal Tournament 2004, Far Cry, Doom 3, CounterStrike Source, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 1, Need for Speed Underground 2, Colin McRae Rally 2005, GT Racing (GTR) Demo, Ford Racing 3 Demo, Shade Wrath of Angels Demo and The Punisher Demo.*Synthetic benchmark tools: 3DMark01SE, 3DMark03 build 3.5.0 and 3DMark05 build 1.0.0"

Ultra 4 in 1 USB 1.1 128MB Drive / MP3 Player @ PimpRig

"The main draw (for me, at least) is the mp3 player portion. Obviously there are included Play, Stop, Forward and Rewind buttons (yes, holding down on the Forward or Rewind buttons serves for rewind/fast forward funtion as opposed to track selection), but also included is a 5-mode EQ preset button. The modes are normal (no EQ and also the default), Classic, Rock, Jazz, and Pop."

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