MSI N285GTX SuperPipe Stays Cool Under Pressure

About this time last week, MSI was busy outing a new pair of R4600 GPUs for use in HTPCs; this Friday, the company is introducing its first-ever graphics card to equip SuperPipe technology. What's SuperPipe, you ask? Good question! MSI's SuperPipe technology uses special 8mm thick heatpipes that are 60% thicker than traditional pipes, and they reportedly show about a 90% improvement in thermal efficiency.

The N285GTX SuperPipe, which is based around NVIDIA's GTX 285, is the company's first card to tap into the newfangled cooling tech, but we have all ideas it won't be the last. For those unaware, thicker heatpipes can transfer more heat away from the GPU core, which obviously helps keep things cool and stable while engaged in sweat-inducing deathmatches.

Additionally, the N285GTX SuperPipe equips a "Twin Frozr" dual-fan thermal design that cools down GPU and other graphics card components (such as capacitors or memory), and with both of these advancements, we suspect users could overclock this one with relative ease. Not that we'd recommend pushing the envelope or anything. (Actually, we would.)