MSI Launches New Wind Top AE Line Of All-In-One PCs

MSI always seems to make a splash at CeBIT, and this year is no different. The company is using the trade show to launch a slew of new machines, including a handful of All-in-One PCs. The 24" AE 2410, the 22" AE 2210, AE 2211 and AE 2240, as well as the 20" AE 2050 and AE 2070 are the latest Wind Top AE models, and they all utilize Intel's newest 2nd-gen Core processor family. If Intel isn't your cup of tea, AMD's new Fusion platform can also be ordered up, with all of the models 22" and up having THX TruStudio Pro audio and a 1080p panel.

You'll also find goodies like USB 3.0 and "5.1" channel surround sound, but evidently MSI is waiting until after the show to get down to the specifics. We'll be keeping an eye out for price and release, but it's doubtful that you'll have to wait too long to find out.

Brilliant Colors with Surround Audiovisual

MSI's All-new Brilliant Visuals All-in-One PC with True Color
You're Invited to a Feast of Multimedia Entertainment

[Hanover, Germany] MSI, the global leader in All-in-One PCs, is set to unveil a new range of high-end Wind Top AE All-in-One PC entertainment models with great visual and color performance at CeBIT 2011 in Hannover, Germany. The new Brilliant Visuals models include the 24" AE 2410, the 22" AE 2210, AE 2211 and AE 2240, as well as the 20" AE 2050 and AE 2070. The latest Wind Top AE models of 2011 come equipped with brand-new platforms from the two major CPU vendors: The complete line of The 2nd Generation Intel® CoreTM processors i3/i5/i7 and the AMD® FusionTM series of APU are now available. All Wind Top AE models with a screen of 22" or larger are equipped with: the Hollywood-class audio technology of the THX TruStudio ProTM; a cinematic wide-screen high resolution panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio and HD 1080p resolution; and high-quality HD rendering chipsets.

With an emphasis on advanced HD image rendering technology, users will be able to experience the fine details of high-resolution images and the thrill of life-like surround sound, whether it's streaming videos on the web, playing online games, or viewing personal photos. With the built-in professional graphics software ArtRage Studio Pro, users with no formal training in painting can become artists. The MSI Wind Top AP series takes you deeper into the realm of audiovisual entertainment.

True color dynamism that is truly awe-inspiring
The high-end MSI Wind Top AE entertainment models on display at CeBIT 2011 render a brilliant and colorful performance, which is just one merit of the combined fruition of the image enhancement capabilities of the new processors and MSI's optimal integration of visual applications. The Brilliant Visuals series from MSI— the brand-new Wind Top AE2410, AE2210, AE2211 and AE2070 — are all equipped with 2nd Generation Intel CoreTM processors: the Core i7 2630QM, Core i5 2500S and Core i3 2100, which all deliver a stellar performance in HD image rendering. In addition, the Intel® Clear Video HD technology produces richer, more colorful, and more faithful renditions of the original images in terms of hue and color tone.

The 20” AE2050 comes with AMD's latest Dual-Core Processor E-350 with built-in AMD RadeonTM HD 6310 Discrete-Class Graphics that support the DX11. Together with ATI Stream technology, the platform allows more fluid video playback and finer and more detailed picture quality. The DirectX® 11 and AMD AVIVO™ technologies not only produce more realistically rendered images and superior processing, but also let users take in this awesome visual performance without even the use of a discrete graphics adapter. The Wind Top AE2211, which features an energy-efficient backlit widescreen LED panel that provides flawless high-resolution images with the most vibrant hues and natural primary colors, will be making its grand debut at CeBIT. In addition, the latest Wind Top AE entertainment models also have the built-in professional graphics software ArtRage 3 Studio. Users can choose any artistic tool they wish (watercolor brush, scraper, sketching pen, or crayon) in conjunction with MSI’s sensitive multi-point touch panel capabilities and express themselves artistically with just a touch on the screen. Colors are as realistic as any you would find on a palette, and pictures can be edited digitally, experience the joy of art and creation with no messy clean up!

The ultimate in audiovisual effects
The all-new Wind Top AE Series is equipped with a cinematic 16:9 widescreen panel with a resolution up to Full HD (1080p), providing the most advanced imaging quality around. In order to complement the visual spectacle of the MSI All-in-One PC, its audio is hooked up with Hollywood-class THX TruStudio ProTM technology. Through its five core technologies that make for rocking sound capabilities, users can get the realistic and live-like audio effects they crave when watching any video. With just two speakers, users can be ensconced in the ripping surround sound of 5.1 channels — there's no longer a need to head to the theater to get great sound.

Every second matters—Don't waste your life on slow digital technology

The Wind Top AE series is equipped with high-speed USB 3.0 technology, which provides a transmission speed of 5Gbps that is ten times that of the USB 2.0. With the USB 3.0, it is possible to transfer 520MB of data from a 3.5" hard drive in only 1 minute and 41 seconds. Using a USB 2.0, the same transfer would take around 4 minutes. Compared with e-SATA, the USB 3.0 can perform at more than double the speed, making it the fastest transmission interface available on the market today. With the USB 3.0, the Wind Top AE series allows users to enjoy faster transfer of HD data, such as movies and videos as well as data in other large-sized formats, making life more efficient, convenient, and most importantly, saves you time. Furthermore, the MSI Wind Top AE series is hooked up with Super Charger technology, enabling devices to be charged through one of its USB 3.0 ports even when the computer is turned off, saving money on the electric bill and preserving your computer battery. Charging time is also 40% less. Do we have your attention yet?
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