MSI Intros 10" Wind Pad 110 And Wind Pad 110 Tablet PCs

Like it or not, the Tablet PC is taking over the computer industry. The iPad arguably sparked the revolution, and now there's options from Fusion Garage, Asus and even MSI on the table. Yes, even MSI. Today, the company revealed that they too would be producing a Tablet PC, with the 10" Wind Pad to be their first.

Designed for low-power draw and handheld usability, this Windows 7-based tablet ships with integrated 3G and Wi-Fi support, as well as USB and HDMI outputs. And if Windows isn't your thing, the Wind Pad 110 is another option, boasting an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and Android as the operating system.

The first is powered by an Intel Atom (1.66GHz) Z530 CPU, with 2GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD, two USB ports and a webcam. The second offers a slightly edgier design and swaps in NVIDIA silicon and Google's own mobile OS. MSI still seems to be in the process of finalizing both of these devices, though early reports suggest that the Wind Pad 110 will ship later this year for under $500. We have to believe that this ramped-up competition in the tablet space will eventually lead to devices that are selling for less than the standard $499 price point, but it may take a full holiday season before that happens.

After turning the IT industry on its collective head with the exhibition of its dual-screen e-book and its single-screen MSI Wind-Pad at CES and CeBIT in the first part of the year, MSI will be rolling out a new concept product—its 10" MSI Wind-Pad which boasts outstanding hardware performance and software functions. The MSI MSI Wind-Pad features Intel's latest power-saving CPU platform, eight hours of battery power, and multi-touch control for the preloaded Windows 7 operating system. It tips the scales at a mere 800 grams, comes with 3G and WiFi wireless transfer, as well as USB and HDMI ports. It's the perfect marriage of wireless urban entertainment and touch technology.