MSI Introduces Bargain-Priced 17.3" CX705MX Notebook

MSI might have a tough time topping the well-equipped, well-priced GE600, but there's nothing like one-upping a 16" multi-media monster with a 17.3" beast. The new CX705MX is yet another large screen, powerful notebook from the company that aims to strike a balance between raw power and cost, with the massive screen being perfect for gaming and movie viewing.

Unlike many of the newer 17" machines, this one comes with Intel's somewhat older Core 2 Duo CPU. It also features ATI's Radeon HD 545V with 512MB of VRAM, room for 8GB of DDR2 memory, a 1600x900 resolution screen, a 2.5" hard drive (250GB/320GB/500GB SATA), a 4-in-1 card reader, HDMI output, VGA output, three USB 2.0 ports, audio in/out, Ethernet, a Kensington lock slot, 6-cell battery, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, a 1.3MP webcam, and a 2.1 speaker system with subwoofer.

There's probably not enough power here to really carve up the latest gaming titles, but some of the older ones should be no issue. Also, those looking to watch Hulu, DVDs, etc. on a larger screen should find a lot to love here.

MSI CX705MX Notebook

Best Value in Mobile Multimedia Computing

The MSI CX705MX comes equipped with the ATi Radeon HD 545V discrete graphics card, a wide 17.3" cinema-class 16:9 ratio LED display to maximize film viewing pleasure, and MSI's own cross hatch design color film print.

Taipei—MSI recently added the CX705MX, a supersized 17.3” laptop equipped with the ATi Radeon HD 545V discrete graphics card, to its Classic notebook computer series. It is clad in color film print (with MSI’s exclusive classy cross hatch design) for extra protection against scratches and wear. The 45-degree beveled edge construction is unique to MSI. Mobile computing was never so classy.

MSI Marketing Director Sam Chern points out that the CX705MX comes equipped with the ATi Radeon HD 545V discrete graphics card for excellent multimedia performance and that, despite the oversized screen, this notebook is a lightweight, tipping the scales at less than 3kg. Add to that the stylishly elegant body, graced with MSI's own cross hatch design, the CX705MX allows you and your friends to enjoy an audio/visual feast whenever and wherever you like.

LOHAS with class
Chic cross hatch design color film print: The MSI classic CX705MX laptop computer comes with 45-degree beveled edges. What’s more, the cross hatch design color film print coating on the cover and wrist rest areas not only prevents scratches and wear, it gives this mean machine a dark crystal-like luster.

MSI's exclusive Chiclet keyboard: The CX705MX uses the newest independent Chiclet keyboard for a comfortable, solid touch and fewer typos when you're typing. The shimmering cross hatch design on the lid and wrist areas gives this laptop a minimalist style you won’t find in other notebook computers.

Brilliant sights and sound
ATi Radeon HD 545V discrete graphics card: The CX705MX comes with the high end ATi Radeon HD 545V discrete graphics card for outstanding display performance, exquisite picture quality, and brilliant colors.

16:9 cinema ratio backlit LED display: The CX705MX boasts a 17.3" LED backlit screen with cinema-class 16:9 ratio, superb resolution, and viewability increased by 14%. You'll never again be bothered by dark edges when watching high resolution DVDs.

Embedded subwoofer: The CX705MX comes with two 2-watt speakers and a subwoofer embedded in the base which work in concert with the discrete graphics card and 17.3" theater-class screen to give you the perfect audio/video experience.

Smart ECO Solution
MSI's exclusive ECO Engine Power Saving Technology: The CX705MX comes with MSI's Engine Power Saving Technology which allows you to select from among five power management levels—Video Game, Film, Presentation, Word Processing, and Turbo Battery, to automatically adjust screen brightness, on/off and sleep mode, and processing performance settings to give your battery flexibility and maximum use on each charge.