MSI Germinium Go Tested!

Easily one of the most exciting topics in the last few months, Hardware Zone has managed to get their hands on (and benchmark) MSI's MXM-comprised Germinium Go SLI graphics card. Given the low power requirements, significantly lower heat output, and upgradeability of an MXM-based graphics card it is more than a bit exciting to see MSI taking this approach so seriously. Those doubting the viability of this card will be a bit surprised to see that MSI is serious enough to have already achieved all the proper certifications (ROHS, TUV, etc.) to bring the card to market. For those looking for something interesting to stir up their Tuesday morning, do yourself a favor and go check out MSI's ingenious new product.

Well, we've just demonstrated that MXM for the desktop and MXM SLI are totally feasible and they perform just as well as the desktop versions, minus the heat, noise and lofty power requirements. While it has proven to work swell and has many positive attributes, it is unfortunately not the best alternative for the cost conscious folks until this idea progresses mainstream. The industry has hinted of the possibility of developing upgradeable graphics cards just as how one would upgrade their CPU and whether this turns out to be true in the future, the MSI Geminium-Go is definitely the fist to peddle a concept that's somewhere along that line of thought.
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