MSI GeForce 6800, PowerColor 9250 and others

Good evening friends, welcome back :)  Since Marco will be flaked-out on the couch for the next couple of hours, I figured I would hook you up with another shot of juice.  So, go grab a mug, pull up a chair and settle in.  Here is your evening shot, fresh from the juicer...

 MSI GeForce 6800 Reviewed @ VR-Zone Hardware

"Overclocking the MSI GeForce 6800 yielded some very interesting results. From a stock clock speed of 325MHz and stock memory speed of 700MHz, we were able to overclock the card to a clock speed of 376MHz and memory speed of 798MHz. This is a 51MHz increase in core speed and 98MHz in memory speed. By all accounts this is a very good overclock considering the card's single-slot design and relatively quiet operation."

 PowerColor Radeon 9250 Video Card @ XYZ Computing

"This video card has somewhat limited capabilities when compared the most videocards I have been reading about lately, like ATi's X800 or Nvidia's 6800. Available at roughly a fifth of the price of many of the 'performance' cards out there, the 9250 is clearly not designed to compete with cards for all-out performance. PowerColor's Radeon 9250 may not be the most powerful card out there but it has many positive attributes. Let's see how it did..."

 Silverstone Technology SST-ST30NF PSU Reviewed @ MetkuMods

"The looks of SST-ST30NF is quite special. This is because it is meant to act like a big heat sink. SST-30NF is 150mm wide, 140mm long, 86mm high and it weight about 2,6 kilos, which is quite a lot. This is usually a sign of quality and especially very big heat sinks."

 BenQ DW1620 Dual-Format 16x DVD Writer @ HardwareZone

"Two months after our review of the BenQ DW1600, BenQ airfreight us their latest and flagship DW1620 DVD writer. Besides having a new faceplate, the new 16x BenQ drive is dual-format capable as well. Take a few minutes off to read how the drive fared in our tests."

 Asetek Vapochill LightSpeed [AC] @ Systemcooling

"Asetek has been at the forefront of the phase change world, as it applies to computers, pretty much since the beginning, with their line of Vapochill cooling systems which was first introduced way back in 1997. Since then, other companies have come and gone, but Asetek has remained, constantly refining and improving their products. The system we're looking at today, the Vapochill LightSpeed [AC], represents the pinnacle of phase change technology, and the culmination of years of work for the people at Asetek."

Time for me to hit the test bench.  I will see you in the AM :) - Cheers