MSI Gaming PC Product Lines Decoded: MEG, MPG And MAG Explained

MSI Computex banner showing a motherboard, power supply, computer cases, and an all-in-one liquid cooler.
MSI is showing off some cool PC gaming gear at Computex, including a sneak peek at its upcoming Claw 8 AI Plus handheld powered by an SoC base on Intel's newly-announced Lunar Lake architecture, some AMD Strix Point (Zen 5) laptops, and a bunch of other stuff. You can also expect a barrage of new motherboards along with a whole bunch of stuff across its MEG, MPG, and MAG product lines. This raises the question, what separates these three categories?

Some of you may already know the answer, but for everyone else, MSI provided some clarity in a recent blog post explaining its three gaming series identities. Why now? The simple answer is because so many new products are on the horizon, so MSI felt it was appropriate to remind everyone of what each tier references.

"MSI, the leading brand in gaming products, is thrilled to unveil its meticulously designed booth at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from June 4 to 7. This exhibition vividly showcases the diversity of MSI's three gaming series—MEG, MPG, and MAG—each distinctly highlighted to illustrate the unique identities that MSI offers to various gamer segments," MSI says.

Starting at the top, the MEG series represents MSI's flagship products. That's the simple explanation, anyway. From a marketing perspective, MSI understandably piles on the hyperbole, calling it a "trailblazing series" that "pushes the boundaries" with "groundbreaking innovations," "refined elegance," and "gaming luxury."

Sitting in the middle of the pack is the MPG series, which MSI pitches as a "premium" lineup that "blends stunning design with superior performance." 

"This series is engineered for gamers who demand excellence, enhancing gaming capabilities with advanced technology and optimized configurations," MSI says.

Finally, the MAG series is "designed to reflect the core value of stability and durability," according to MSI. These are more rugged solutions, somewhat akin to the ASUS TUF Gaming lineup.

MSI banner highlighting its MEG, MPG, and MAG product designations.

What's also helpful is to take note of what the abbreviations stand for. MEG is short for MSI Enthusiast Gaming, MPG is short for MSI Performance Gaming, and MAG is short for MSI Arsenal Gaming.

Put another way, MEG is the flagship lineup with all the bells and whistles intended for enthusiasts and extreme overclockers, and it usually offers the most bling, culminating in the ultra-expensive MEG Godlike line (for motherboards); MPG is a toned down tier for gamers who want a high-end solution but are not necessarily looking to push things to the extreme (and can do without some premium amenities, serving as a middle-ground); and MAG is for those who prioritize stability over flair and pricier features (mainstream, in other words).

Naturally, there's going to be some overlap between MSI's MEG, MPG, and MAG product categories, depending on the specific item. But generally speaking, there's your cheat sheet.
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