MSI Debuts GTX 275 / HD 4890-Based GPUs

If you thought NVIDIA and AMD would develop and launch new GPUs today without letting 'ole MSI know about it, think again. Much like Zotac (and countless others) have done, MSI is letting loose its newest graphics cards based on NVIDIA's fresh GTX 275 core and ATI's HD 4890.

First, we're looking at the company's N275GTX Twin Frozr, a beastly device that's centered around NVIDIA's latest. It features a dual-fan design and no fewer than five heatpipes to keep the PCB from melting while you're melting faces and breaking hearts in a undisclosed deathmatch arena. There are also 240 stream processors, 896MB of memory, a 448-bit GDDR3 memory pipe and an intelligent fan design that automatically adjusts RPMs depending on the core temperature of the GPU itself.

For the ATI fanboys, there's the R4890-T2D1G, a long-winded card that is based on ATI's newest 55nm design and coupled with 800 stream processors and 1GB of GDDR5 (124.8GB/sec) ultra-high bandwidth memory. Obviously, this one also supports CrossFireX technology for multi-GPU fun, and the integrated UVD 2.0 hardware decoding technology should please the multimedia junkies. Neither card has been priced or dated just yet, but we'd be on the lookout for them to hit retail shelves sooner rather than later.