MSI Brings LucidLogix Partnership To Z68 Mainboards

LucidLogix sure has been making waves this year. The company's making even more of that with their newest announcement, one that involves a partnership with MSI to bring Lucid Virtu support to MSI Z68 motherboards. Z68 seems to be all the rage these days, referencing Intel's first chipsets to natively support USB 3.0. And now with this, these mainboards will also support mix-and-match GPU arragements.

The two companies have worked together before, and now the partnership is springing forward to a new level. MSI will have a complete lineup of Z68 based mainboards with Virtu technology. All based on MSI's renowned Military Class II components, like Z68A-GD80(B3), MSI's mainboard with three way graphics supporting AMD CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI technology. All MSI Z68 mainboards are equipped with MSI's one click overclocking technology OC Genie II boosting not only the Processor speed, but also the Intel HD2000/3000 graphics and memory speeds, of course also available on Z68A-GD65(B3). For HTPC users, MSI offers the Z68MA-ED55(B3) in a microATX form factor and has the same high quality components and dual graphics capabilities.

Sadly, no pricing is available yet, but we know you'll be anxious to part ways with a paycheck in order to mix ATI and NVIDIA GPUs.

MSI's Extends partnership with LucidLogix - Lucid Virtu support on MSI Z68 mainboards

MSI, the leading Mainboard and Graphics Card manufacturer announces an extension of its lasting partnership with Lucid through the inclusion of the Virtu GPU virtualization technology with the upcoming MSI Z68 Mainboards. Lucid and MSI have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration ever since work started on MSI's Big Bang Fuzion mainboard, world's first mainboard featuring Lucid's HydraLogix chip for true vendor independent multi-GPU technology. Today's announcement is a firm indication of MSI's continuation as a leader in computer graphics products and technologies.

MSI Z68 mainboards with virtualized graphics
Through the integration of Lucid's Virtu technology. MSI's Z68 based mainboards are able to combine the best features of Intel's HD2000 and HD3000 integrated graphics such as Lightning quick video decoding and the power of discrete graphics cards such as MSI's Lightning or Hawk series Graphics cards. Utilizing Lucid's Virtu technology allows MSI's Z68 mainboards to have low power consumption during light graphical workloads, like playing web games or viewing videos and give the graphical horsepower you need when playing 3D games.

MSI's Industry-leading Graphics Technologies
Over the years MSI has quickly established itself as the most innovative player on the computer graphics market. MSI was the first mainboard manufacturer to support Lucid's HydraLogix technology the true vendor independent Multi-GPU graphics technology. MSI's graphics cards are known as the fastest in the world, with MSI's Lightning series being crowned multiple World Record holders thanks to its extensive engineering and maximum use of technology to give end users the most stable and fastest graphics card available. Combining the Award winning discrete graphics solutions from MSI with the nimble Graphics virtualization technology from Lucid.
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