MSI Alpha Gaming Laptops Flex Ryzen 7 4800H And Radon RX 5600M To Slice Through Tiger Lake Noise

MSI NB Renoir Alpha15 photo02
AMD-based gaming laptops have been around for some time now, but MSI is going all-in with AMD with two new models: the Alpha 15 and Alpha 17. Powered by a Ryzen 7 4800H and a Radeon RX 5600M, MSI wants to offer “desktop-class performance as an appealing and affordable option for mainstream gamers.”

AMD is a good option for multitasking, and with the setup MSI has, it seems to be good for gaming too. MSI ran the numbers and it looks like with ultra-settings in mainstream games, you can get decent FPS across the board. The FPS numbers do depend on what your system configuration is, but for the Ryzen 4800H and Radeon RX 5600M setup, these numbers do not look bad at all. Your CPU and GPU are not the only things that matter though, so let us go under lid of this laptop and see what else is offered.
7nm Technology performance

Knowing what we know about Ryzen, high speed RAM is important for smooth and solid operations. Therefore, MSI has gone with DDR4-3200 to help the RAM-hungry Ryzen processor. As for storage, MSI is only allowing for NVMe SSDs so your games and programs load quickly. If you want to connect to your game servers and Zoom meetings quickly, MSI has got you covered there too. With gigabit ethernet and WiFi6 capability, so long as your internet can handle it, you will have a fast connection.

Now let us dive into the peripherals. Packed into the Alpha 15 and 17, you will get a 144Hz 1080p IPS AMD FreeSync display. This display should give a solid experience for work and play. To help you with your work and play, you will also find a SteelSeries keyboard. If you are in a Zoom meeting or Discord call, the 720p 30FPS camera should be enough to get you through (although 1080p would have been nice to see). If you want to see the rest of the features, take a look at the chart below.
chart alpha series

Overall, this seems like it will be a solid device for gaming and getting work done. It is not part of the MSI business lineup that was just announced, so this laptop will have the gamer-y aesthetic. The RGB, angular design on the fan grill, and the backlit logo on the lid of the device just screams gamer. Not to say it is a bad look, just it is maybe not for a work meeting in person (once we finally get to have those). Anyway, perhaps MSI will send one of these over, so stay tuned at HotHardware for this and other laptop reviews in the future.