MSI 16 Dual Layer DVD, OCZ Memory and Others

Good morning all :)  With my good friend, Mr. Coffee, not working this morning; I have to seek alternate means of getting caffeine into my blood stream.  Our friends over at ThinkGeek have a good selection of various goodies, but I think a quick stop at Starbucks is called for this morning.  Mmm, expensive coffee..... ;)

 MSI DR16-B Dual Layer 16x DVD @ Viper Lair

"In terms of performance, the MSI DR16-B provides ample speed for a Dual Layer drive. Performance is on par with the HP unit and is quite a bit quicker in DVD-R burning. All the DR16-B burns worked flawlessly, and if you can find them, 16x DVD writes is as fast as it gets."

 OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Gold VX Review @ Xtreme Resources

"OCZ Technology has just released an extremist series of memory modules aimed directly at the high end overclocking community. We will examine how well these modules work in dual channel on an Intel based 875P Canterwood based platform. This memory is advertised as being able to work in a higher voltage environment - thus increasing speed and stability as a result. Our test results will determine if these claims are in fact true." Beyond TV PVR Review... Part 1 of a 3 part

"Beyond TV 3.5.1 was released on December 1st 2004 at midnight (about 30 minutes before this email was sent out) in unison with the Beyond Media software package.  Beyond TV 3.5.1 is mainly a bug fix update for Beyond TV 3.5 which we are also reviewing in this feature.  In the Windows HTPC world, most of us have three options:  Windows MCE, SageTV, and Beyond TV 3.5.  Of the big three, this application has shown in many ways to be the most "TiVo" like and deserves to be looked at by anyone who is even remotely considering a HTPC or whole home TV distribution network.  Stay tuned for the upcoming feature reviews of Beyond Media and Beyond Link in the next week to complete the "whole house" TV distribution network."

 ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition Review @ Beyond3D

"On the face of it, the X800 XT Platinum Edition seems like a bit of a tough sell - they've moved to double slot cooling, freezing out some small form factor users in the process, seemingly increase the retail price (although, perhaps this is just an acknowledgement that X800 XT Platinum Editions hardly hit that price when they could be found) and its one of the smallest performance increases from any refresh product released."

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