MS: You're Laid Off. Oh, You Owe Us Money, Too

Perhaps Microsoft used Excel when they calculated the severance packages of some of the 1,400 workers they recently laid off. At any rate, apparently they made some errors, and are now asking some of those laid-off workers for some of their severance package back.

According to a report by TechCrunch, the letters have been sent to more than one person, and it appears some may have even been underpaid. However, no one has been informed as to what went wrong in the calculations (at least via the letter; see below embedded).

Severance and a layoff are tough enough for a worker, without something like this happening. Obviously, it's a simple error, but the problem is that a lack of sensitivity on Microsoft's part in this recession, particularly as they take lots of fire over its H1B practices, isn't going to help public opinion of the company.

A good PR move would be to let those affected with overpayment keep their overages, while fixing the issues of those who were those underpaid. Of course, that would hurt the bottom line. On the other hand it would really help Microsoft's image.

Readers, what do you think Microsoft should do?