MS Says Don't Wait For Vista SP1, Buy Now!

If you've been waiting for SP1 to be released before giving Vista a try, Microsoft says don't bother.  There's not going to be too many new features for the home user, but many of the new features are going to be targeted at the large organizations.  Perhaps the same organizations that made public comments about why they wouldn't upgrade to Vista shortly after the launch of the new OS earlier this year.

Since everyone seems to enjoy comparing Vista to XP, how does Vista SP1 stack up against XP SP2?

"Unlike the buzz surrounding Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1 won't include a new version of Internet Explorer, and won't include any new features that are considered must haves. Most of the enhancements within Windows Vista SP1 are under the hood and for enterprise customers. In short, Windows Vista SP1 lacks "wow.”

We're still of the mind that being able to go to a store and buy a disc that has all the patches on it is still a good thing.  It will probably save a reasonable amount of download/rebooting time that is associated with patching an OS.

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