MP3 Player Leads to Tourists' Rescue

Swiss air rescue organization Rega says that an MP3 player was the key to locating two lost French tourists.

No, the two weren't found by rescuers listening for music. Rather, the light from the display of the MP3 player was enough for rescues to home in on.

Rega said it received a distress call from the French tourists late Friday. Unfortunately, the phone battery went dead before they could be located.

The tourists, one a skier and one a snowboarder, got themselves lost late Friday outside marked runs near the resort of Savognin in southeast Switzerland. According to Gery Baumann, Rega spokesman:
"The two winter sports enthusiasts were found by the crew of the Rega helicopter shortly after midnight -- thanks to the faint light of their MP3 player."
It's unclear which brand of MP3 player was used by the tourists; we slapped a Zune picture into this article to give Microsoft some air time, considering the iPod's market share.
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