Mozilla Working on Windows 8 “Modern Interface” Edition of Firefox

Microsoft set out to change the world with Windows 8, and little by little, its influence is spreading in the tech industry. We've seen a handful of software vendors retool their product's interface to match that of Windows 8, and come December, Mozilla will ship an updated version of Firefox sporting a Modern UI look and feel.

Dubbed "Firefox Metro," work has already begun on it and Firefox 26 for Windows, which it will be packaged alongside of. The touch-optimized browser is scheduled to reach Mozilla's Aurora channel on September 16 and Beta channel on October 28, which means users will have a first real glimpse of the updated build as early as next month.

Windows 8 Firefox

This has been a long time coming. Mozilla first mentioned a Metro version of its popular browser way back in February 2012, revealing a prototype two months later. A very early preview version would debut in October 2012 a few weeks ahead of Microsoft's Windows 8 launch. Initially, Mozilla hoped to have the browser ready by January 2013.