Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 RC For Android And Maemo

It's a big, bit week for Mozilla. Despite the fact that Microsoft also introduced Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4 has also launched this week, but the war of the desktop browsers is just the start. There's also a growing battle on the mobile side, and with more and more browsers creating new versions for mobile operating systems, consumers have more options than ever. Mozilla is obviously taking Firefox 4 to the mobile side, with Firefox 4 RC for Android and Maemo released today.

It's available in over ten languages, and can be downloaded today. This release offers faster scrolling, better responsiveness with Firefox Sync and improves the overall user experience of Firefox. Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo brings the performance and customization of Firefox to mobile devices with features like Firefox Sync, Awesome Screen, tabbed browsing and Firefox Add-ons, to create a personalized and effortless mobile browsing experience.

Mozilla's working closely with Add-On developers to make sure things remain compatible, but we suspect some quirks will happen for early adopters. Have you given it a download on your own phone? Let us know how it works out for you!
Tags:  Firefox, Mozilla, Browser