Mozilla, Reddit, And Other Popular Sites Plan 'Go Slow' Day To Protest Net Neutrality Rule Changes

On September 10th, several of the popular websites you visit may appear to have trouble loading content, but that won't really be the case. All those slow loading animations are actually widgets, banners, and animated images provided by BattleForTheNet, a coalition of companies, organizations, and people who have come together to oppose changes to net neutrality rules and show what the web might look like if the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows cable companies to charge for Internet fast lanes.

Sites like Mozilla, Kickstarter, Reddit, Etsy, Foursquare, Vimeo, iFixIt, Tumblr, and many others will have widgets and other images posted on the designated "Go Slow" day in protest of net neutrality rule changes that would create an uneven playing field. The effort will also encourage visitors to contact the FCC and other policy makers to voice their opinion on the matter before the FCC closes public comments.


According to The Guardian, the mass effort is being coordinated by Engine, a lobby group in Silicon Valley. Engine already spearheaded a similar campaign that led to the FCC being bombarded with comments on net neutrality legislation, and at one point, the FCC's systems buckled under pressure.

"With over one million public comments already filed with the FCC, much has been written about why the FCC's proposed rules would damage the Internet, but the FCC needs to see firsthand how Internet fast lanes would devastate startups," Engine said.

You don't need to wait until September 10 to participate in the effort. BattleForTheNet provides links ways you can help, one of which is by signing the citizen letter of net neutrality.