Mozilla Opens FireFox Marketplace with Android Aurora Release

The open source mavens at Mozilla are busy putting the final touches on "Firefox Marketplace," a place where Firefox users will be able to download Web apps similar to Google's Web Store for Chrome. It isn't quite finished yet, though it is now available in the Android Aurora channel, meaning it's essentially in alpha (pre-beta) form.

"The first Aurora release of Firefox Marketplace is available to early adopters and testers who are using Firefox for Android Aurora. This release gives developers a means to get feedback on their apps as the Marketplace grows and progresses. At Mozilla, we develop in the open and this initial release will help lead the way for future Marketplace Aurora, Beta and Firefox OS releases in 2013," Mozilla stated in a blog post.

Firefox Marketplace

As time goes on, Mozilla said it will add payments, ratings, reviews, and other features. Bill Walker, Engineering Manager at Mozilla, says the goal right now is simply to "collect as much real-life feedback as possible" with regards to the Firefox Marketplace's overall design, performance, usability, reliability, and of course content, which will grow over time.