Mozilla on 2012: We Found Our Mojo Again

Someone fire up the theme song from Austin Powers, Mozilla found its mojo on the desktop -- oh, behave! Mozilla made the claim in a blog post reflecting on 2012 and all the advancements it's been able to make to its Firefox browser.

"We streamlined and we upgraded. Our performance and memory teams didn't incredible work," Mozilla said. "The Firefox of today is significantly better than the Firefox of a year ago in every way, and we're seeing that recognized in our formal feedback channels, and in comments from strangers when the see a Firefox t-shirt."

Mozilla in 2012

Memory management has traditionally been one of Firefox's weak spots, though we have to agree that Mozilla's made great strides in the past 12 months. Memory leaks, once a major problem, are relatively minor these days.

If nothing else, Mozilla has certainly been busy. Mozilla rebuilt Firefox from the ground up for Android, has been working on a Firefox OS, and has been championing Do Not Track technology, which it says is enabled by more than 19 percent of Firefox for Android users and 8 percent of desktop users.
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