Mozilla Firefox 44 Catches Up to Chrome And Safari With Push Notification Support

If you're a Firefox user and haven't upgraded to the newest version yet, go grab it. Once you do, you can start to receive push notifications from your favorite websites, a functionality Mozilla added to Firefox 44 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and one that already existed in both Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browsers.

Those of you who aren't interested in push notifications, don't fret, you're not going to be bombarded with messages. Push notifications is a permission-based feature, so you'll only receive them from websites if you give them the green light.


"This is similar to Web notifications, except now you can receive notifications for websites even when they’re not loaded in a tab. This is super useful for websites like email, weather, social networks and shopping, which you might check frequently for updates," Mozilla explains.

It's also handy for being able to close tabs on certain websites that you still want to be connected with, like Facebook. Closing the tab can free up system memory, while enabling push notifications ensures you're still kept in the loop in real-time.

Like Chrome, the implementation in Firefox is called "Web Push" and is part of the W3C standard. Apple uses a proprietary standard for push notifications in Safari, and Microsoft doesn't yet support the feature at all though is thinking about adding it to Edge at some point.