Mozilla Expands Firefox Private Browsing Tools To Thwart Online Tracking

If you're keen on not wanting your movements tracked online, Mozilla may have just saved you the need for installing extensions to prevent it. Well, as long as you don't mind using the Developer Edition of Firefox, that is.

Mozilla for quite some time has offered robust protection tools, such as Private Browsing mode, where remnants of what you do online are not saved anywhere on your computer (unless, of course, you specifically save content from them), but it's never prohibited tracking. Given that recent concerns have heightened the desire for that, many have turned to third-party extensions. With this move built-in, though, all someone has to do is use Private Browsing if they do not wish to be tracked.

Firefox Developer Edition

One thing that's important to note is that this feature only works when you are using the browser's Private Browsing. Those who want to use their browser more normally may still wish to opt for third-party plugins, although something tells me that given Mozilla's clear determination to have Firefox excel over the others from a privacy standpoint, we could see a toggle option for it in the future.

If you want to give this non-tracking feature a go, you can snag the Firefox Developer Edition here. Don't worry: you can install it alongside your regular Firefox.

News of Firefox's Private Browsing mode enhancements comes just days after Mozilla released Firefox 40, which has been designed specifically for the Windows 10 operating system. Firefox 40 also includes a sneaky little trick which is meant to stab Microsoft in the back after a perceived slight in default browser settings when upgrading to Windows 10.