Mozila Makes Mobile Firefox (Fennec) Alpha Available To Download

It's sort of amazing where we have come with mobile Browsing, really. Just think back in the year 2000. When people were ringing in the New Year, no one had a smartphone capable of Browsing the Web in a way that was even close to as comfortable as with a PC. It simply wasn't a reality. Today, smartphones are canned and immediately overlooked if they cannot Browse the Web in a respectable manner, with Apple's iPhone arguably setting the original benchmark.

Google's Android also has a remarkable Browser, but now that mobile Web surfing has become so popular, consumers are being shown alternatives to stock Browsers in an attempt to spruce up the market and forge ahead in mobile surfing. It's becoming clear that mobile surfing is the future, so aligning mobile browsers with desktop browsers seems like a logical step to take. After years of work, Mozilla has recently released what could be viewed as the most significant mobile Browser release since the original WebKit iPhone browser.

The Alpha build of the Fennec (mobile Firefox) browser is now online and available to download for Android and Nokia's N900. It's the world's first mobile browser to add support for add-ons, and it also syncs with your desktop browsing sessions. Firefox Sync is built-in into the browser, which provides seamless access to Awesome Bar browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, form-fill data and open tabs. The build is nowhere near perfect, but unless you're scared of trying new things, it's probably worth a try. You might just switch and never go back. A video briefing is in the Via link below.