Movie Too Long? RunPee Mobile to the Rescue

As we grow older, we find that we are less likely to be able to drink a soda and make it through a long movie. When is the best time to go? Generally, we have to guess. With an iPhone or iPod Touch and a new app, the guesswork may be over.

It's called RunPee Mobile (seriously). For a mere $0.99 it tells you at which points in a movie you can safely "run" and "pee" without missing a hugely important plot point.

The creators already had a web site call (same folks), but this is much more convenient, naturally, as you don't have to try to acquire the info before you get to the theater.

The app has a built-in timer that you start when the movie begins, and much like the website, it tells you the best times to head for the restroom. It also tells you how long each break lasts, and what happens while you are gone (you have to unscramble text with a button click, just like on the site).

RunPee Mobile also also tells you which movies have extra scenes after the credits (so you don't have to hang around after every movie just in case).

Naturally, the developers keep updating the app with new information as new movies come out. They also state they will roll out updates every few weeks based on user feedback.
For instance, we are already working on a feature to vibrate your iPhone a few minutes before each PeeTime just in case you forget. Nifty, eh?
It's great, but can someone solve our babysitter problem?