Motorola X Gets Its First TV Spots, Showcasing Camera And Google Now

If one thing was made clear following the proper, official launch of the Moto X, it's this: this is no iPhone-killing flagship. This is a mid-range phone for the mainstream masses, built in the U.S.A. as an attempt to get Motorola's mobile market share back into a respectable area. And now, Moto is showcasing exactly who it's after with a couple of new TV spots.

One clip shows off the phone's new voice command capabilities, enabling Google Now to act as a Siri-type assistant when setting alarms and jotting notes. The other is a spot that focuses on the phone's 10-megapixel camera, as well as the ability to twist it into a horizontal position and have the camera open up automatically.

Of course, the HTC First had a lot of TV spots as well, and that didn't pan out so well. Have a peek at these and see if your soul is stirred.