Google's Motorola Division Working On Next-Gen "X Tablet" And "X Phone"

Could Motorola be the company in charge of designing the next Nexus phone? Hard to say for sure, but a new report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that Google is finally making good on its purchase of Motorola Mobility, and the results could be astounding. In a bid to directly compete with the iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy line and other flagship handsets, Motorola has assembled a team to work on a next-generation "X phone" and "X tablet." It sounds as if the company is dreaming big, very big, when it comes to the phone in particular. Items such as flexible displays were tried, and while those cutting-edge additions may not make the cut, it gives you a good idea of just how hard the team is working on crafting something that would truly blow the doors off of the competition.

Motorola hasn't really had a hit on the phone front since the original RAZR, being overshadowing in recent years due to relatively ho hum smartphone efforts. While objects like the RAZR M dazzled critics, it's hard to cut through iPhone and Galaxy noise from a marketing standpoint. It's also not clear if these devices will run a pure edition of Android, like Nexus products do, but considering that the 2013 edition of Google I/O is only a few months away, perhaps that's the ideal launching pad.