Motorola Warns Over Leaked Droid X Froyo Update

Can't wait for a Froyo build for your device? Just remember, if you flash your device with a leaked ROM, you may not have an upgrade path to the released build. That's what Motorola is warning Droid X owners. In their support forums, Motorola says:
WARNING: Do NOT load the leaked 2.2 upgrade that has been floating around on the Internets. There is currently no upgrade path from that load to the official 2.2 load that will be released by early September. This could make it more difficult to upgrade to the official version. Please consider this if you're thinking about loading it.
Those who remember a similar issue with the Evo will recall that HTC had to push a fix to the device so that it could get the correct Froyo update. In this case, Motorola makes it sound that you may not be able to update, at all.
Fortunately, there's a downgrade path to the old build, so you can get the OTA without issue. Instructions are here. Of course, it requires a little technical expertise, but assuming you already flashed the leaked ROM onto your Droid X, you ought to have enough knowledge, right?

It's just something to remember; there's really no "good" reason to rush a leaked ROM build onto your device. You could end up in a bad situation.