Motorola Takes On a Decidedly More "Googly" Brand Logo

In March, Google hired former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki to help reinvigorate the Motorola Mobility brand after the search giant acquired the company, and although it’s hard to say what exactly Kawasaki has contributed to the effort, he posted Motorola Mobility’s new logo on his Google+ page.

Motorola’s logo has always been cool, with a stylized “M” inside a black, red, or blue circle, and Google has left the “M” intact with the new logo. However, replacing the colored circle is a ring, which is comprised of colored sections. Underneath, in small caps, reads “motorola”, and “a Google company” has been added beneath that.

Motorola Takes On a Decidedly More "Googly" Brand Logo
New hotness

Some will no doubt have a beef with the multi-colored ring, but it is a rather fetching look; the combination of small bits of vivid color combined with a simple white background with gray text is a nice effect.

Old and out-dated

Next, we’d like to see some redesigned handsets, please.