Motorola Reveals Atrix HD Developer Edition With Unlockable Bootloader

Motorola's Atrix HD has been out for a few months now, but much like other carrier-branded Android phones, there's no way to root and install a custom ROM without some serious hacker activity. In a bid to appease power users who wish to have an easier go at things when it comes to unlocking a bootloader, Motorola is introducing the Atrix HD Developer Edition. A few months back, Samsung did something similar with the Galaxy S III Developer Edition, and now that Moto's following suit, we're starting to see a trend that we're definitely in favor of.

This new phone allows infinite customization possibilities offered by an unlockable bootloader, and Motorola's offering step-by-step directions on unlocking things should you choose to tinker with the ROM. There isn't a price or release date just yet, but there's an update page for those who'd like to be kept in the loop as information is released.

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