Motorola One Power Leaks With Notchy Design Powered By Android One

The image you see here is alleged to be a new Motorola smartphone that will run the streamlined Android One operating system. The device is called the Motorola One Power and is expected to land with the stylized moniker "motoralone Power".

motorolaone power

One glance at the smartphone and you can see that Motorola is following Apple's iPhone X and other Android device makers down the screen display notch road. For now, this is the only way to get the speaker, sensors, and cameras into the front of the device dominated by a screen. Despite the notch at the top, there is still a largish  bezel on the bottom of the device. As much as smartphone users loathe the notch it's a bit surprising how many devices are turning up with that feature. Given that the front of the smartphone is mostly taken up by the screen, the "M" button on the back probably contains the fingerprint scanner. The back of the smartphone is also home to a dual camera setup and LED flash.

The device is reportedly going to be launched globally, including in the United States. There are no indications of specs, pricing, or launch date on the One Power at this time.