Motorola Is Investigating Voice Issues On Atrix Smartphone

Motorola is looking into voice quality issues on its Atrix smartphone.  Some Atrix users have reported that the people they talk to say their voices sound muted. Mark, a Motorola employee and forum manager, recently wrote on the Motorola Owners' Forum, "We've been looking into it for some time however we've only recently gotten phones back from customers." Mark also asked users to provide some additional information, such as whether or not they use a case, what Noise Suppression level they have set, and other questions that could help Motorola gain knowledge about the problem.

A post by a user with the screen name rhendrix explained the problem many users are experiencing, "I too am having multiple complaints from people who call me about my voice quality on the device.…  Everyone tells me that my voice sounds muffled or muted to the point that I have to speak very loud for them to understand me."

It's been reported that some users have received an email from Motorola with details about the source of the problem. One user shared the message on the forum, however the message has since been removed by Matt, a forum manager. Matt explained, "This is an unprecedented action for us, but these are special circumstances. Information was posted here that has not been confirmed and should not have been shared." He further requested that users do not repost the message on the forum or anywhere.

Another forum user said the removed email message points to hardware flaws. The same user implied Motorola was targeting a resolution by May.