Motorola Droid Up For Pre-Order Now At Best Buy (Sans Rebate)

No interest in waiting until November 6th to fight the lines at your local Verizon Wireless store? No interest in waiting for a $100 mail-in rebate that may or may not ever arrive? Best Buy Mobile has your back. The big box retailer has announced that it's taking pre-orders for the Motorola Droid--the world's first Android 2.0 device--right now, and it's probably worth your while to shop here versus at Verizon.

Why? For starters, you can walk right in and get your name on the list now, with no waiting necessary. This secures your place in line to get a phone that'll undoubtedly have more demand than any other phone that Verizon has offered in years. Also, the $100 mail-in rebate that'll be attached at Verizon is nowhere to be found at Best Buy Mobile. In other words, you'll walk out of the store paying just $199 (with a 2-year Verizon contract) rather than $299 and being forced to wait for $100 back. Pretty good deal if you ask us.

So, are you anxious to get your hands on the Droid? Tired of waiting for the iPhone on Verizon? Without a doubt, this phone has the biggest chance to finally be that mythical "iPhone killer," but will it live up to the hype?