Motorola DROID RAZR HD Full Review

Motorola Mobility, now a division of Google, has been on a tear as of late, releasing potent new Android superphones to the market, in competition with the iPhone 5, Samsung's Galaxy SIII and many others.  Not long ago we gave you a look at the recently released RAZR M, the 4-inch little brother to the hot, new device that just showed up here in our lab the other day. 

Considered the middle sibling of Motorola's latest RAZR Trio, the RAZR HD has the same basic platform configuration and identical display as the highest-end RAZR MAXX HD, though the MAXX has a larger 3300mAh (2530mAh for the RAZR HD) battery and 32GB of internal storage versus the RAZR HD's 16GB of on-board storage (12GB usable).  Aside from those differences, along with a slightly thinner 8.4mm chassis and a more palatable $199 price tag on contract, the RAZR HD strikes a balance of usability, style and performance that should appeal to many superphone consumers.