Motorola Demos Xoom Android Tablet and Droid Bionic Smartphone at CES

Motorola recently made quite a splash with their cute, mysteriously non-descript tease of their upcoming Xoom tablet that they promised to unveil at CES 2011.  Alas we waited with baited breath and tonight the wait was finally over, with Motorola unveiling not only the Xoom tablet but a host of smartphones based on the Android platform.

In addition, though not confirmed by the Motorola booth reps, we heard from the folks at NVIDIA that Tegra 2 is powering not only the Xoom tablet but also Mot's new Droid Bonic smartphone. If NVIDIA was waiting to hit paydirt with Tegra 2, it seems Q1 will be the time, as we've seen announcments of Tegra 2 tablets and smartphones from not only Motorola but also, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Velocity Micro and now the big guns at Motorola.  We got some quality hands on time with both the Xoom, running live with Android 3.0 Honeycomb we might add, as well as the upcoming Droid Bionc smartphone.  The Xoom is a pretty slick looking slate and the Droid Bionic is shaping up to be stiff 4G LTE driven competition for Samsung's Galaxy or the EVO 4G. 

Check the demos of both and bring the drool cup...

Motorola Droid Bionic, Android, 4G LTE, NVIDIA Tegra 2 - Verizon Wireless

Motorola Xoom Tablet, Android 3 (Honeycomb), NVIDIA Tegra 2 - Verizon

Tablets, Smartphones, Sandy Bridge... oh my. Stick around and we'll bring you more of the good stuff from CES 2011.