Motorola CLIQ Lands At T-Mobile Today (But It May Be Too Late)

Today's the day! Motorola's CLIQ, which was seen as the phone that may be given the daunting task of revitalizing the company's handset sector, is finally available to the general public. If you'll recall, this Android-based phone was made available only to existing T-Mobile customers looking to upgrade for the final few days in October, giving them a small windows of "exclusive time" to brag to all of their friends.

Of course, it looks as if Motorola could be its own worse enemy here, as just days before the CLIQ went on sale to the public, it launched its Droid over on Verizon. And for the exact same price, no less. In fact, the CLIQ looks like a poor choice with the Droid just three days away from shipping in the US, as the DROID has Android 2.0, Verizon's heralded netbook and all-around better specifications.

That said, we're sure a few out there who enjoy T-Mobile's pricing plans will still side with the CLIQ, and while it's no iPhone, it's certainly a solid alternative. It'll run you $199.99 on a 2-year contract starting today...just make sure you're really, really okay with not having the Droid for the same amount.