Motorola CLIQ Android Phone To Launch Next Month For $199.99

Motorola just hasn't seemed itself since the RAZR went out of style, but it's hoping to re-make itself with the CLIQ. The company's first Android device has a lot riding on it, and T-Mobile is hoping to bring even more users over who might be loyal to the brand or simply interested in getting their hands around the MOTOBLUR interface.

Originally announced a few weeks back alongside few details, T-Mobile and Motorola have jointly announced today that the smartphone is fairly close to release. The 3G/Wi-Fi capable handset will be available for existing T-Mobile customers that are anxious to upgrade on October 19th, or just under a month from today.

Between October 19 and November 1, only existing users will be able to get "early access" to the phone. For everyone else, you'll have to wait until November 2 before buying. On that date, the CLIQ should be widely available at all T-Mobile stores, bringing users into the social networking scene whether they like it or not. The only issue could be the $199.99 price, which is valid on a new two-year contract. That's the same price AT&T is charging for the iPhone 3GS and a full $100 more than the older iPhone 3G, and while we know T-Mobile plans are generally cheaper, it could still be a hard sell based on sticker shock alone.