Moto X Leak Suggests August Launch, Google CEO Larry Page ‘Excited’

At this point, it's hardly a "rumor." The Motorola X is very, very real. Numerous executives have confirmed it slyly over the past few months, Google's own Eric Schmidt was seen using it in public earlier this month, and now we have yet another nugget to solidify things: Google CEO Larry Page recently stated the following: "I know you're all eagerly anticipating what Motorola is launching soon. Having been a tester for a while. I'm very excited."

It can't be understated just how huge of a launch this will be for Google and for Motorola. It'll be the first time since the original RAZR that Moto will have a real shot at regaining the mobile crown in the U.S., and Google has made the choice to have Motorola build the phone in a Texas-based facility in order to turn prototypes around more quickly, and of course milk the patriotic vibe for all it's worth.

Earlier in the year, we heard that Moto was aiming for an October launch for the phone, putting it on shelves just prior to the lucrative holiday shopping season. Now, however, a leaked U.S. Cellular memo pegs the phone as ready for launch on August 26, or just over a month from now. Moreover, this leads us to believe that Motorola is aiming to ship the Motorola X on as many carriers as possible. If a smaller, regional carrier like USCC is already expecting shipments next month, it's a safe bet that the Big 4 (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint) will be onboard as well.

Will this be the Android phone that iOS users finally flock to en masse? We can't wait to see what features it offers, and if the impending next-gen iPhone can top it. Looks like we've got a battle royale shaping up for fall in the mobile arena.