Moto X Arriving On Sprint With Unlimited Data Starting September 6

Sprint may not be the lead dog in the carrier pack any longer, but it still holds an ace in its sleeve: unlimited data for life, for those who want it. While every other major rival postpaid carrier has switched over to tiered data plans, Sprint's offering the Moto X with unlimited talk, text and data for $80/month. The device itself will be priced at $199.99 on a 2-year contract, and if you haven't heard, we're pretty big fans of the phone.

For a limited time only, new customers who switch their phone number to Sprint from another carrier will receive an additional $100 instant credit, reducing the price of Moto X to $99.99. In the coming months, Sprint will also add the ability to customize Moto X with Moto Maker, though that feature is presently reserved for use with AT&T customers. Outside of the unlimited data, every other spec remains the same. But, it may be worth holding off a bit; rumors are flying that a 50% price cut will come to the phone by Q4, and plus, that'll allow Moto Maker to come over to Sprint. You know what they say about patience!

Via:  Sprint
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