MOTA SmartRing Puts Your 70s Mood Ring To Shame, Empathy Not Needed When You Have Notifications

We've been talking a lot about smartwatches lately - so much so, that I wouldn't blame you if you forgot that other wearables could actually exist. To the rescue for a refresher on that is MOTA, a company that has just announced its first "SmartRing", and based on its name alone, you can probably already tell what this wearable sets out to do.

Once tied to your iOS or Android device, MOTA's SmartRing will monitor a handful of different apps and notify you when activity happens in one. If someone's calling you, for example, a quick glance will tell you who it is, and let you decide whether it's worth the effort to dig into your pocket for your phone. Other notification types include Facebook and Twitter, along with SMS, email, and calendar. The company notes that if the SmartRing gains enough support, services like Uber, LinkedIn, and Instagram will be added in the future.

MOTA notes that its SmartRing is completely water-resistant, and that it can be easily viewed even on the brightest of days. Unfortunately, the one bit of information we're not being given is pricing. We are told that it will hit the market at some point during Q4, however.

Envision this: A smartphone in your pocket, a SmartRing on your finger, an iWatch wrapped around your wrist, and Google Glass over your eyes. Could there possibly be more ways to stay constantly connected? In time, some people are sure to resemble cyborgs with that level of functionality at every angle.