More From Steam Greenlight: Software and Concepts Categories Are in the Mix

The news has been a little mixed for Steam in the last few days, but there’s still plenty of good stuff from Valve on the topic of Steam Greenlight.

We mentioned Steam Greenlight earlier this week because the project, which allows the user community to help decide which games will debut on the platform, debuted 20 new games on Monday. Now, Steam Greenlight has been updated to allow the submission of non-gaming software, which only makes sense considering that Steam now has non-gaming titles in its library.

Steam Greenlight

It’s not just works in progress that can get posted on Steam Greenlight, though; devs can post “concepts” for free, although they won’t be eligible for selection to Steam distribution.

There are several other updates as well, which include the following:

-The updated front page of Steam Greenlight now highlights recent submissions and Friends' favorites as well as recent news
-Developers can now add additional contributors to their items in Greenlight for the purpose of moderating and responding to community feedback
-A new widget-creator has been added under the "About" section to help promote your Steam Greenlight entry
-The FAQ has been updated to add some new questions and include information about Steam business in general
-Steam Greenlight logos are now available for download, also listed under the "About" section

Steam users should keep an eye on Steam Greenlight and make their voices heard on which new games and software should come down the pipeline.