More First Person Shooters Come To The iPhone

The day many gamers have been waiting for has arrived: Classic first-person shooters have come to the iPhone.

Sure, a jailbroken version of Quake came to the iPhone and iPod Touch last summer and there had been rumors of Doom making its way to the smartphone market for a while, but now it's official.

Doom Resurrection became available for download in the App Store this week for $10. The art and story is from Doom 3, which was originally released in 2004.

The game reset the Doom series and was set on Mars in 2145, in a scientific research facility where they were working on teleportation, biological research and advanced weapons. Sounds a little like Lost, hmm? (Wait, maybe Lost sounds like Doom?) Well, except for the part where they accidentally open a gateway to Hell and you, the space marine, must shoot your way through the demons and stop them from attacking Earth.

Quake is similar enough to Doom, where the player has to go through a portal to stop an enemy with the code name of Quake, and it involves teleportation and death squads and an overrun military base.

Official versions of Quake and Quake 2 are being planned, too. And John Carmack of id Software told Toucharcade this week that he hopes to have a new title for the iPhone every two to three months. Read that again: Every two to three months.

According to Toucharcade, these are in the works:
  • Doom Resurrection - Bluetooth Cooperative Multiplayer coming
  • Wi-Fi Multiplayer is currently working in Doom Classic (not yet released)
  • Doom Classic closing in on being ready for initial release
  • Plans for 3.0 support in Doom Classic with Bluetooth Multiplayer and downloadable content including Doom 2, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, Master Levels
  • Considering competitive internet multiplayer in later update to Doom Classic
  • Planning Quake, Quake 2 for the iPhone and maybe all the way up to Quake Arena
  • Plans to do a Rage-themed from-scratch iPhone title
  • Wolfenstein RPG ready to go but being held by EA due to concern about confusion with Wolfenstein Classic
  • Doom 2 RPG is in works for mobile and that will be ported to iPhone too
  • Very early talks about a modernized Doom ("Doom++") release with new levels and story
Make sure you have a your iTunes account up to date, because you don't want to be left out when all your friends download and start a big ol' multiplayer game.